1. Open your game and at the top right you will see your Menu
2.Once you click on it, your Menu Page will pop-up, showing your Daily Gift, Settings and other details, including your User ID.
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You can click on the package you want to buy. You can choose "Buy" to purchase now or "Add to cart" to purchase later.
After selecting the packages you want to buy, click the Cart button to pay for the packages you have selected.
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1. Open your game and at the top right corner, you will see your Profile.
2. Open your Profile and press on the Mail icon on your screen
3. Open mail with the title "Item from our shop"
4. Press "Claim" to receive your items
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Users can log in to the Galaxy Attack Webshop and claim gifts. To complete the check-in event you will have to follow these steps:
1. You will have to login into the GAAS webshop with your account.
2. Then find the Daily-Checkin on the left sidebar menu, and just check-in.
3. After you complete the check-in, your items will be sent in your in-game mail in a few minutes.
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